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She Biker's mission is all about providing the best "personalized" customer service possible. Because, anyone can sell a shirt. ;-)

She Biker Herstory
Back in 2008, after returning from a 15-day road trip through 13 states with my girlz, WITW Sol Sisters San Diego Chapter (dubbed Girlz to Graceland featured in the documentary "20 Wheels to Memphis"), I was inspired to create a logo that reflected the woman motorcyclist. It was the most gratifying and emotional experience of my life! That inspired me to put my passion to work.

I was playing around with names and came up with She Rides Her Own. I decided that I would use the letter S and make it into a sweeping female motorcycle rider. Some claim I took my design from "others" (have no clue who these "others" are) but, that is absolutely false!   Seriously! *eyebrow raised*

Once I started the Trademark process, I hit a legal snag with another company with a similar name. After forking out over $5000 of my hard-earned money, I had no more money to fight and gave in--relinquishing the name. That's when I came up with She Biker. In fact, I'm glad the name changed because it's quick to remember and
it conveys the message.

I gave this stick figure drawing to Darlene of Darfish Designs, who invoked her creative magic to what it is now! :)

Do you have a love for motorcycles, whether you ride or not? Then you're a She Biker! Welcome aboard. :)

Thank you for your support!



Disclaimer: She Biker, She Biker logo and the slogan, "When Riding Bitch Just Isn't Enough" are all Registered Trademarks. She Biker name and artwork are copyrighted with the US Copyright Office (VA0001711263 & VA0001842705). Any unauthorized use in any format/medium will result in legal action.

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